Deferred Payment Plan

**Please review the below in detail so that AvalonBay may assist you as quickly as possible**

Based upon the reasons you are requesting assistance from AvalonBay, please attach any one of the supporting documents from the example list below (if you reside in Los Angeles, California, you are not required to submit supporting documentation):

  • A written letter from an employer, on their letterhead, stating that your pay is reduced or eliminated due to COVID-19
  • A paycheck stub or other documentation that shows that the company for which you are employed is closed or has laid off employees due to COVID-19
  • Something advising that your children's school or daycare is closed due to COVID-19, and that you must stay home to care for them and are not receiving normal pay while taking this time off work
  • A letter from a doctor on his/her letterhead (that includes a phone number and address for the doctor) that states you have been quarantined for health or exposure reasons relating to COVID-19
  • Some sort of official computer printout or spreadsheet showing that your current business/income (if self-employed) has been reduced from last week/month. Example: if you are an Uber driver, provide a spreadsheet and/or computerized report of available hours, and how many rides completed during those hours, with a comparison to this week showing how many available hours the resident had, and how many rides completed during those hours
  • Any verifiable/credible documentation to show that you are not able to earn normal salary/wages because of COVID-19
  • A statement signed by you that you have been financially impacted by COVID-19 in a jurisdiction that permits self-certification (e.g., Los Angeles, CA)

Please take a moment to make sure that all requirements stated above are included before submitting this request in order to ensure a response from us. Only submit one form per household, thank you!

It is likely that you have a payment due this month on your current payment plan; please make that payment per the terms of your agreement in addition to making a down payment commensurate to your payment plan selection for your current charges. Both steps are required in order for us to be able to proceed with allowing a payment plan.

Payment Plan Calculator

Initial Payment (Amount Due Now)

Payment 1

Payment 2

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Payment 12

Please know you can make your initial and subsequent payments in one of the following ways:

  • (NEW) – Click here to pay via credit or debit card on AvalonAccess
  • Pay through your checking account on AvalonAccess
  • Pay through our automated telephone payment system (credit, debit or checking account):
    • Call 877-282-6246 and when prompted, enter your ten digit phone number and the last four digits of your social security number for verification, followed by Prompt 1 to enter into the payment queue

You can drag and drop supporting documents onto the dashed area.


Please note that we are receiving an exceptional volume of inquiries at this time and we request your patience while we work to address each inquiry. Please refrain from reaching out to your community leasing office or the Customer Care Center to follow-up on your request as we will get to your request as promptly as possible. While late fees have been waived previously, we are now charging late fees to the full extent permitted by law, except those residents who have entered into a payment plan, to include July 2020 or later balances.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish all the best for you and your family during this unprecedented time!

AvalonBay Customer Care Center